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Bluefin Gold is proud to be a construction company that offers a full turnkey service to cover all your needs. We guarantee meeting the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication. BGG has been instrumental in the successful completion of many projects, we aim to complete all projects on hand with high quality standards within the given time frame without any failure. Keeping within the given budget is extremely important. Procurement is managed to ensure the highest quality of building materials are found and obtained for the best price.

Housing Construction

Over the years Bluefin Construction has built up a high performing team of diverse and talented individuals. With an unwavering commitment towards excellence and centuries of combined experience the company has firmly entrenched itself as an industry expert in the construction industry. Making us one of the leading construction companies for civil, housing, turnkey, design and construction solutions. BGG accomplished team of engineers, project managers, contracts managers and safety & environmental advisors to ensure that their clients' infrastructure projects are not only effectively managed from start to finish but are also executed to the highest safety standards from implementation stage on all projects right through until completion. With us playing the role of a developer, equity participant, turnkey design and build contractor we are committed to making the entire process as seamless as possible.


We believe creative, innovative architecture and design has the power to positively transform your organization. Our success is defined not only by the buildings we design, but also by our ability to serve our clients' needs. We use design to create a better world, Bluefin is a global architecture, design and planning firm with 10 locations and 1000 professionals networked across Africa, UK and the Middle East. It was established in 1999 and the firm works globally with more than 3500 clients across the world. We are guided by our mission to createa better world through the power of design and believe people as the source of our strength. This year we are capturing the firm's ethos and unique culture.


Our step-by-step process from mine to market is the same around the world.

The first stage is exploration, which involves our specialised exploration team finding mineral deposits in a sustainable way. Maintaining a social licence to operate throughout this phase and into the development of a mining operation is crucial. This allows us to responsibly mine the economic resources in the ground. We then extract the resource in the safest and most efficient way possible and finally, the mined resource is then processed and refined to add extra value. Only then is the commodity ready to be moved and tailored to specific markets.

Mining products Manufacturers

Bluefin Gold Manufacturing division is a contract manufacturer of all mined products. We support the manufacturing of a variety of consumer and industrial products including Jewelry and other precious minerals, from the raw materials to fine finished products.

Bluefin Gold truly shines in its ability to work with difficult to handle minerals and products. Our safety systems and expertise enables us to handle materials that are highly valuable or hazardous and processes it safe and beautiful. From "Powder to Product", Bluefin Gold manufacturing supports its clients by "Making Materials Marketable." Let us help you bring your solid particle product to market.

We create value the best value for the economy. Our globally diversified mining business is the best.

Our portfolio is world-class and competitive mining operations and undeveloped resources provides the raw materials to meet the growing consumer demands of the customers developed and maturing economies.

Our clients are at the heart of our business. We use the latest technologies to find new resources. We plan and build our mines and who we mine for. We process and move and market our products through out the world to our valued customers.

As a responsible minning company– of diamonds, platinum, lithium, Chrome, Gold, and other precious metals, copper, nickel, iron ore and coal – we are the best custodians of the best precious natural resources. We work together with our key partners and stakeholders to unlock the long-term value that those resources represent for our shareholders and for the communities and countries in which we operate – creating sustainable value and making a real difference.

Africa has a long history when it comes to mining, an industry that forms the backbone of the continent ’s economy. As Bluefin Gold, we aim to help build a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable African economy. Ever since our foundations were first laid in Africa way back in 2000, and together with our employees, stakeholders and governments, we find ourselves in a position to make a real difference and to create shared value for those that come into contact with our business.

Smart products manufacturers

We offer dozens of custom options - from special finishes to hand-applied gilding to a choice of leg styles on some pieces, and even more choices.

Agricultural products and Food processing

Whether you’re peeling vegetables and fruit, processing vegetables, salads and fruit, washing and drying leaf salads, mixing food products or wishing to grade vegetables, processing all food products for different countries around the globe Bluefin Food Processing Solutions have the best solution and we use only organic products be it dry foods or meats.

We know that understanding our customers’ needs in this ever-changing industry means that we can quickly offer a solution to our customers processing requirements in a fast and cost effective way.

Besides developing, producing and selling equipment, we can offer lessons on also how to use the equipment efficiently. We also advice in maximising the efficiency of your equipment in combination with your product and along with the range of new equipment we supply, we can also source and supply refurbished & used equipment.

roads and networks

The Roads and earthworks division operates across multiple traditional and specialist engineering disciplines. Our versatile and agile teams are attuned to the intricacies of doing business in Africa. With a modern fleet of plant supported by experienced logistics staff we provide unparalleled service.

Moving into Africa becomes that much easier when you rely on BGG.

Sectors covered include:

  1. Road work and bridges
  2. Mining infrastructure
  3. Bulk earthworks
  4. Water infrastructure and dams
  5. Energy infrastructure
  6. Rail infrastructure
  7. Pipeline infrastructure

Town Planning

Bluefin is recognized as a leader in the field of developmental planning. Our holistic approach and innovative thinking contributes towards development and delivering relevant and innovative planning solutions. Our primary focus to address Africa's changing needs, lays the foundation for cohesive and socially acceptable development that enhances growth, prosperity and an improved quality of life.

The uncompromising approach of Bluefin in effectively managing its projects makes the Company capable of expediting major development projects in all its spheres of specialization, from inception of a project to its successful completion.

Professional Services Provided
The company is structured into a number of specialized services divisions. These broad divisions and services provided are:

  1. Township Establishment
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Project Management
  4. Programme Management
  5. Housing Development (Sustainable Integrated Human Settlement Development)

Agricultural projects

We understand that most homeowners don’t undertake major exterior replacements and redesign projects more than once, and that’s why our goal.

Smart Technology
and AI

Smart Technology is a cornerstone of our operations, revolutionizing sectos in both the developed and developing world, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

We utilize it to enhance decision-making, improve infrastructure efficiency, advance mining and manufacturing safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance.

We also use smart technology to foster precision farming and data-driven resource management in agriculture, transform healthcare with telemedicine, mental health support and AI diagnostics for improved patient care, and evolve education through digital learning platforms and personalized learning experiences.

Across public sectors, smart technology fosters better governance, efficient public services, and enhanced citizen engagement, thereby unlocking societal and business value on a large scale

Interior Design & Deco.

Bluefin is renowned for it's attention to detail, meeting clients' needs and hand - on approach from design to execution. With so many years of distinctive design concepts for residential, commercial, or retail interior fitout. Bluefin stands out among interior fit out companies in the world. When working on any project whether it's a renovation, a new build or a home styling, we're always thinking of unique and different ways to make the most of each space. Providing the best solution to allow for more function and form is a crucial part of the design process. As a design studio getting to know our client is essential in helping them to bring their vision to life. Our talented team of engineers and other specialists utilises their vast knowledge to produce creative interior designs that transform any area into a space that is exquisite, modular and elegant.

our pricing

A Variety of

Transform your everyday environment with these 3 different sets of architecture services offered at affordable price. Every pricing package can be customized according to your wishes.



Interior Design
Space Planning
Decorating Service
Project Management



Interior Architecture
Exterior Design
Renovation Service
Lighting Installation



Landscape Design
Planning & Development
Custom Furniture



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