Our Global Footprint

Bluefin Gold Energy manages an industry-leading portfolio of resources and is one of the largest integrated fuels, lubricants, and chemical companies in the world. We’ve evolved our operating model and global organization to better leverage the scale of our increasingly integrated company and global brands. We have three core businesses with operations around the world: the following products are our specialty. OIL AND GAS. ALL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. OILS AND LUBRICANTS.

We build Energy Plants-Hydro and Solar Plants.

Bluefin Gold Energy’s Upstream business is focused on strengthening energy security by expanding low-cost-of-supply, high-return oil and natural gas operations.

Working to meet energy supply and demand

Bluefin Gold Group is committed to meeting society’s needs for products essential to modern life, providing reliable energy, and investing in a lower-emission energy system for tomorrow.

Supply and Production

Producing more oil and gas than any other African energy company
Energy solutions are required to meet basic human needs and drive economic progress.

The current supply and demand imbalance in global oil and natural gas markets is having a genuine impact on families worldwide. Today, demand is outpacing available supplies, increasing prices for oil and refined products like gasoline and diesel fuel.
Rebalancing supply and demand will take time, and, investments in oil and natural gas production are large and take years to implement, but with the latest advancements in Smart technology, the process will become easier and faster.

Bluefin Gold Group is investing more money to grow oil and gas production to quench the supply and demand on the African continent. We invested twice as much to develop energy resources than we earned in 2023 alone.

Technology solutions meeting society's critical needs

Innovation and collaboration are keys to our success in delivering for our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. Working with the world’s leading research institutions and universities, Bluefin Gold Group’s scientists and engineers apply our scale, integration, and deep experience in research and development to develop and deploy technology solutions that help our industrial and commercial customers meet the critical needs of society while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

Certifying natural gas on a pathway to a lower-emission energy future

In 2022, Bluefin Gold Group started integrating energy  to announce participation in a program to certify natural gas production through a pilot project, using standards developed by our team of experts

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