Our strategy is to secure, develop, and operate a portfolio of high-quality and long-life resource assets, from which we will lead in the mining industry across Africa.

We achieve this through innovative practices and technologies – in the hands of our world-class people – towards a common purpose.

We find, plan, and build, Mines, process, move, and market to our customers a diversified and high-quality range of products, spanning bulk commodities, base metals, and minerals, and precious metals and minerals. We mine our own products and market them across the globe to all our valued customers.

Our geologists search for and discover new sources of the minerals that make our modern lives possible and lovable. To be a responsible company, we find deposits we can develop and mine in a safe and sustainable environment. Technology is expanding the frontiers of mining, this makes the search take us into many more remote and extreme environments.

We have regional exploration teams focused on key mineral belts with central oversight. Our commodity and project priorities are next to none. Our Exploration offices are co-located within commodity businesses so we can draw upon shared capabilities.

Our search falls into two categories: greenfield exploration to find entirely new resources, and brownfield exploration to identify additional resources close to existing operations.

We benefit from developing and using world-class expertise and leading technologies, often that we have developed ourselves. We use geological, geochemical, geophysical, and remote sensing tools to find deposits hidden deep beneath the earth’s surface, and a range of airborne technologies to map out continental geological structures

Discover more about diamonds

Diamonds represent the ultimate symbol of love and a life’s milestones, which is reflected in Bluefin Gold Group’s famous slogan ‘A diamond is forever a girl’s best friend.

While the emotional value prescribed to a diamond can’t be quantified, the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight of each diamond help to determine its financial value. The largest, and most established, diamond jewellery market is the US, with China and India growing strongly.

Bluefin Gold Group sells rough diamonds to global diamantaires through its Diamond Trading and Auctions businesses. It sells polished diamonds and diamond jewellery via its Bluefin Gold Jewellers.

Bluefin Gold diamonds, for which fewer than 2% of the world’s diamonds are eligible, are available globally and come with a promise that they are beautiful, rare and responsibly manufactured.

Bluefin Gold Group Jewellers only uses the world’s finest diamonds for its high-end jewellery, which is available in 16 markets around the world

Platinum Mining

Platinum is also widely used in jewellery owing to its purity, strength, resistance to fading, and ability to hold precious stones securely.

Our Platinum Operations

We own and operate mines in a few African countries, as well as smelting and refining operations which treat concentrates from our wholly owned mines, our joint operations, and third parties.

Lithium Mining

Bluefin Gold Group’s lithium mining division is like most metals mining businesses. It is a dirty business, but by the same token, the metal that we produce and extract is used for sustainable initiatives. In particular, lithium goes into the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs), wind turbines, and electronic (smart) grids, all of which

Lithium has become the most sought-after product on the market due to the expanding world of technology. Lithium is the product used to make batteries and other products

Gold Mining

Bluefin Gold Group Limited is a global gold mining company with a diverse, high-quality portfolio of operations, projects, and exploration activities across nine countries on the African continent.

While gold is our principal product, we also produce silver and sulphuric acid as by-products. In Africa, currently, with 10 projects underway, Bluefin Gold Group produces both gold and copper.

We operate and maintain mining and processing infrastructure and equipment, and ensure a skilled and trained workforce to enable cost-efficient, safe operations.

We sell gold and by-products to generate revenue. Our solid financial management and disciplined capital allocation ensure positive, sustained cash flow and returns, while supplying our international customers with the best quality Gold

We establish and maintain a pipeline of economically viable and competitive projects to develop long-term mining operations. Exploration is a cornerstone of our business.

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