Mrs E.D. Nyabaya is a founding director of bluefin gold.

Under her leadership we have grown in very strategic and important ways imaginable. We are expanding our presence in Africa and Beyond and key markets around the globe, adopting emerging technologies, developing new client-facing services, advancing diversity and equity throughout our organization, and creating an ever-more inclusive environment in which our people can be at their best, be authentic, and be treated with respect and dignity. All of these have helped earn us recognition as a great place to work.

Mrs Nyabaya is dedicated to improving the economic viability of local- women and children and minority-owned small businesses and has overseen a continuous expansion of our work to build relationships with and create opportunities for these growing firms.

She has also made a commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption of our jobsite operations by 50 percent by 2030, which reduces the impact of our work on our neighbors, as well as the environment.

Like her efforts to make us a better builder, neighbor, and partner, Mrs Nyabaya’s leadership reaches beyond our organization. She serves as Chairman of various boards that aim to change the life styles of humanity, which helps strengthen the talent pipeline in the construction industry, and she is a member of the Business Roundtable, which helps us share our vision, values, and experience with other business leaders and amplify our voice to policy makers.