Dr Henry is the Operations Director for Bluefin a global leader in construction, engineering, operations and related technical services for public and private clients. With billions in revenue and thousands of employees worldwide, the firm delivers innovative, practical sustainable solutions – helping clients develop and manage infrastructure and facilities that improve efficiency, safety and quality of life.

Dr Henry has many years of executive leadership experience, oversees operations across Bluefin including civil infrastructure, federal and industrial sectors, international operations and the firm’s engineering procurement………construction services. He is responsible for consulting, engineering, design, build, program management, all support functions. Bluefin has long been recognized as a most – admired company and leading employer by business media and professional associations worldwide. Dr Henry also has project management and business development experience in the design and construction divisions. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the senior management team to establish long – range goals, strategies, plans and policies. Dr Henry is also charged with advancing employees engagement and overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired result consistent with Bluefin’s overall strategy and mission. He is a driving force in developing the company’s ” Strategic Think” on new opportunities and takes ownership of transferring winning tenders/ proposals into successfully managed and delivered projects for Bluefin – specifically * Strong Starts = Strong Finishes*

At Bluefin, Dr Henry is entrusted with overseeing the results of quality projects, on time and within budget utilizing safe and efficient methods that will ultimately ensure in positive reputation and give Bluefin the opportunity for repeat project business.