Farzam Kamalabadi, Persian-American, is a world-renowned influential personality specially in China, Middle East, Africa, and the West.

On strategy level globally Kamalabadi is in high relations with national leaders of some 100 countries at the level of Presidents & Prime Ministers, or Sultans & Kings, and/or Royal Families, including USA, China, all GCC, Africa, Europe, among others.

In particular he is slated as “The Most Influential Foreign Figure in Modern China History” by Chinese state media, United Nations’ Pictorial magazine, Arabian Business Arabic weekly, and other media in the United States and Europe.

Kamalabadi reads and writes Chinese, speaks several dialects of the language, and is a Master-calligrapher of Chinese, including ancient hieroglyphic script. He is also Senior Economic Advisor to over 20 municipal and regional governments in China. He is the only foreigner who has masterminded and created several rounds of national policy of China, which have been signed, sealed, and endorsed in writing by China’s state leaders including the President, the Premier, and several other key national leaders collectively.

Kamalabadi is the person who guided and directed Africa’s first ever bloodless and zerobullet power transition – Zimbabwe November 2017.

A well known figure in the oil & gas and energy sector on the global stage, Kamalabadi has been the chairman or first keynote speaker at major petroleum & energy summits. He served in various capacities for economic development of nations as Senior Advisor to a number of countries’ national oil systems, including Oman, Kuwait, and China. He has successfully handled various oil and petrochemical trading deals and projects such as securing exploration rights and concessions. He is the only foreign personality in both the two national and several provincial private oil and gas associations of China in the first decade of their formation.

As the originating founder of the New Silk Road policy and China-GCC/MENA/Central Asia cooperation corridor, Kamalabadi was instrumental in China-Tajikistan boarder opening; China-Oman trade volume hyper jump from $600mm to $11Bn between 2001 to 2007; Gulf Cooperation Council’s series of Sovereign Wealth Funds’ investments into Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the first ever in world history.

Kamalabadi has executed iconic financial deals which include US Exim Bank sovereign loan to 56 Chinese cities for environment solutions the signing for which was presided over in the White House by Vice President Al Gore & Premier Zhu Rongji, as well as nearly 100 private and public deals in various sectors world over totalling $30 B USD.

Kamalabadi and/or his Future Trends Group by invitation as of now hold substantial shares in some 50 corporations and enterprises, in a proprietary system which has affected and created exponential growth, some with mega multiplication.

In the blockchain sector Kamalabadi is indispensable senior partner of a series of branded blockchain companies such as the Executive Chairman of Hyper Optimum Organization HOO Exchange, President of Messenger Bank and Metal Backed Money MBMX, the Chairman of Fight to Fame, among others. He has been Chairman & First Keynote Speaker of numerous top brand conferences and summits in blockchain, finance, and energy.

Kamalabadi’s personal philosophy is to establish a sustainable global system and mature enterprises which will contribute towards the building of a new and equitable world.